Trust a Local Counsel in Fort Wayne, IN

Trial Lawyer Matt Chapel – Local Counsel for Criminal Defense

Why trust an out-of-town attorney who knows nothing about our local court systems or officials? Or where do you turn when you live out of state but are facing criminal charges in Indiana? While the law is blind and applies equally across Ohio and Indiana jurisdictions, a local counsel with relationships across the area can often get more done faster. They also have solid working relationships with other regional attorneys, meaning negotiations and deals are much smoother.

Why Choose An Indiana Local Counsel?

Why choose local counsel Matt Chapel in Indiana? Here are just a few reasons:

Knowledge of Local Court Customs

A local counsel like Matt Chapel has extensive knowledge of area court customs and how they impact a case. He knows that little nuances matter to specific judges and how they prefer proceedings to happen in their courtrooms. Sometimes, this can be key to gaining favor fora client and obtaining better results in negotiations or other court decisions.

Experience with Area Practice Culture

Legal firms in various areas of the state may operate differently when handling certain cases or charges. Local attorneys define the area’s practice culture and how they approach negotiations, litigation, and other proceedings. Solid relationships and knowledge of the area practice culture enable Matt Chapel to operate seamlessly with other local attorneys.

Relationships with Court Staff

Local counsel attorneys like Matt Chapel know the area law enforcement officials and officers, court officers and staff, and other vital legal system personnel. Doing business with people you know and work with regularly adds a level of comfort, familiarity, and knowledge that speeds up paperwork, wins the benefit of the doubt, and helps your criminal defense case.

Reputation for Tenacious Litigation and Negotiation

Former United States Marine Matt Chapel was permanently shaped by his experiences in the armed forces, namely the Marines’ attitude of tenacity and relentless pursuit of any objectives. As your local counsel in Fort Wayne and throughout Indiana, you can rely on him to provide a sound, aggressive legal defense of your case.

Top-Rated Local Counsel for Criminal Defense

Trial Lawyer Matthew W. Chapel is atop-rated local counsel who can handle your criminal defense case in Indiana when you need an area attorney. His extensive training and experience make him uniquely suited to handle even the most troublesome cases in Albion, Angola, Bluffton, Columbia City, Decatur, Fort Wayne, Goshen, Hartford City, Huntington, LaGrange, Marion, Noblesville, Peru, Plymouth, Portland, South Bend, Wabash, Warsaw, and surrounding communities.

Do You Have a Warrant or Charges in Indiana?

Out-of-state defendants need a local counsel who knows the ropes when facing warrants or charges in Indiana. If you’ve run afoul of Indiana law and need a local attorney to spearhead your case or cooperate with your own lawyer, contact Trial Lawyer Matt Chapel in Fort Wayne at (260) 387-6236. We offer a FREE consultation to review your case and offer advice on your next steps.

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