Medical Marijuana in the State of Indiana


We may be neighbors, but Indiana Law Makers don’t think it’s neighborly of you to travel on Indiana roads with marijuana in your vehicle let alone be in the State itself with marijuana in your pocket, purse, or shoes or even have marijuana metabolites in your body.

And, that State issued permission slip – the Ohio Medical Marijuana Card or the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program Card – that will not protect you from being criminally charged by Indiana law enforcement officers!

Case in point:

A young man from Michigan who was afflicted with a chronic intestinal issue, and under a doctor’s care, was traveling from Michigan through Indiana to see family members who lived two states away. He stopped in Indiana for gas and snacks and as he was leaving the gas station, he became confused as to which way to go. He proceeded to perform a series of course corrections that drew the attention of an Indiana Law Enforcement Officer. The Indiana Law Enforcement Officer activated his lights and the young man from Michigan pulled over to the side of the road, stopped his car and rolled his window down.  The officer approached the vehicle and after obtaining the normal documentation, asked the driver if he had any weapons, drugs or other contraband in the vehicle.

The driver said, “Yes. I have a Michigan Medical Marijuana Program Card and I have my medication in the trunk of my car.” The officer asked if the driver could open up the trunk and show him the medical marijuana. The driver, none the wiser, said, “Sure!” as he hands his Program card to the officer.

Once the trunk is open, the officer takes possession of the medical marijuana, returns the Program Card to the driver and then asks him to turn around and put his hands behind his back. He was handcuffed on the side of the road, promptly informed of his Miranda rights, and then taken to jail. His vehicle and possessions in the car – minus the State of Michigan sanctioned medical marijuana – were towed to an impound lot.  The marijuana was placed in an evidence locker at the local police station.

Check before you Travel

Check the laws before you travel to another state. It could end up costing you significantly more than what you can possibly imagine.

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