If you are visiting Michigan, plan your trip so that your return to Indiana is legal

Marijuana is legal in Michigan. And, marijuana products in all forms — weed, grass, edibles, vapes and oils, contain the chemical compound THC. So, if you are visiting Michigan, you may partake of marijuana products so long as the product is legal to purchase, possess and consume within the borders of Michigan.

But, what happens when a Hoosier, using Michigan marijuana products while visiting Michigan, returns home? What are his or her legal rights to possess marijuana products purchased in Michigan?

Hoosiers and Michiganders take note. It is illegal to possess any cannabis products in the State of Indiana. And, the laws of the State of Indiana do not permit someone to have in his or her possession any marijuana in any form where the chemical compound THC is present. In other words, if you bring any legal Michigan cannabis product in the form of weed, grass, edible, vape or oil into Indiana, you are committing a crime against the State of Indiana.

And, this includes any marijuana products that are for medical usage. Typically, in States where medical doctors are permitted to prescribe marijuana to their patients, the State will issue a medical marijuana card. Nevertheless, the State of Indiana does not honor another State’s medical marijuana cards and, in the event that an out-of-state medical marijuana card holder is in Indiana and possesses a cannabis product in any form, that possession is considered illegal and subject to the Indiana Criminal laws.

Finally, if you are driving a motor vehicle in Indiana and a law enforcement officer has probable cause to stop you for a traffic violation, you may be asked to submit to a chemical test. If you have THC in your blood system – even if the THC was from legal consumption of THC in the State of Michigan, you can potentially be charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated in the State of Indiana.

In essence, if you go to Michigan and partake of legal marijuana products, limit your possession and use of pot to the boundaries of the State of Michigan. And, if you will be driving into the State of Indiana, it is advisable to cease consumption of marijuana products while in Michigan — hours and even days before returning to the State of Indiana.

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