Ohio Car Accidents

Over 11 million people call Ohio home, and around nine million are of legal driving age. Small wonder that Ohio car accidents caused 1,278 fatalities in 2022. In fact, the CDC reports that accidents are the number four cause of death in Ohio. Over 265,000 car accidents in 2022 led to over 6,000serious injuries. This data demonstrates a reasonable probability that you may be impacted by an Ohio car accident sometime in your life.

What Are the Primary Causes of Ohio Car Accidents?

Operator errors are the overwhelming cause of Ohio car accidents. These are primarily divided between the causes below.

1.      Speeding: Operating a vehicle at unsafe speeds disregards the safety of other drivers and significantly increases your chances of a serious accident.

2.      Failure to Yield: Many Ohio car accidents occur when drivers or pedestrians do not yield to other drivers or pedestrians when required by law.

3.      Drugs and Alcohol: Any amount of drugs or alcohol can impair a driver’s judgment and abilities. Over 800 fatalities in Ohio were due to drugs and alcohol in 2022.

4.      Running a Red Light or Stop Sign: This is the most avoidable driver error, and yet over 13,000 accidents in 2022 occurred because drivers ran red lights or stop signs.

5.      Distracted Driving: Using phones or paying attention to something else besides driving caused over 10,000 Ohio car accidents in 2022.

In any car accident, it is important to secure the services of a talented Ohio Car Accident Attorney to investigate the circumstances. Accident cleanup can often remove important evidence, and witnesses can become scattered. Personal Injury Lawyer Matthew W. Chapel gets to work as soon as you call to gather vital evidence swiftly.  

Skilled Ohio Car Accident Investigation

Traffic camera recordings, witness statements, law enforcement dash cam footage and the accident reconstruction report can all contain critical elements to establish responsibility for your accident. It can also reveal other aspects of the event, including:

·        Weather conditions

·        Shoddy road conditions

·        Other involved drivers

·        Passengers distracting the at-fault driver

·        Hit-and-run vehicles

·        Involved pedestrians  

These and more can factor into your car accident personal injury claim. Matt Chapel and his skilled investigators work hard to uncover the facts to build an insurmountable store of evidence in your favor. We do not quit until we win you the largest personal injury settlement possible under the law.

What to Do After an Ohio Car Accident

Car accidents occur suddenly and cause confusion. Follow these steps after any type of vehicle accident:

1.      Check for Injuries. Check yourself and anyone else in the vehicle for injuries. Apply pressure to stop any bleeding.

2.      Call 9-1-1. Report the accident and ask for help from law enforcement and emergency medical personnel. Give your location and describe any injuries.

3.      Get Medical Treatment. Always allow yourself to be examined by emergency medical personnel and follow their recommendations for transport to the ER.

4.      Collect Contact and Insurance Information. Get this data from all other involved drivers and witnesses.

5.      Report the Accident to Your Insurance Company. Insurance companies require you to inform them of any car accident as soon as possible.

As soon as possible, even at the scene, contact Ohio Car Accident Attorney Matthew W. Chapel. His team can offer valuable advice until you can meet for a consultation.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers

Car accident victims and their families are often saddled with incredible physical, emotional, and financial burdens after an accident. Attorney Matt Chapel cares about your family, your needs, and your future. If you have suffered injuries in a car accident in Ohio, you may be eligible to seek compensation.

Contact the law office of Matthew W. Chapel in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and schedule a free consultation to review your Ohio car accident. With superior litigation and negotiation skills, Matt Chapel can secure you a fair settlement to help you get your life back on track.

If you have questions about a matter that is pending before a court in Northeast Indiana or Northwest Ohio, contact Matt Chapel immediately. Call Matt at 260-387-6236 or email him at matt@mattchapellaw.com.

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